The NRA Continues to Lose Its Shpadoinkle

The National Rifle Association thinks it’s a trespass against the 2nd Amendment to ban bullets containing lead. Lead bullets are totally unnecessary, of course, but the NRA think the ban would discriminate against the constitutional rights of hunters.

The NRA is also targeting zoos. For some reason.

“Anti-lead ammunition groups will not rest until all lead ammunition, and ultimately hunting, is banned,” the gun lobby claimed in a Friday press release.

The NRA singled out a law under consideration in California which would require hunters in the Golden State to use lead-free ammunition. Lead free bullets are widely available from top manufacturers, and have not been shown to function any differently than bullets containing the highly toxic element. [...]

Scientists aren’t the NRA’s only new targets. Nonprofits like the San Diego Zoo and the California Condor Recovery Team are also on the enemies list. The NRA claims these groups “have considerable influence over many legislators and regulators,” which they use to “capture” the regulatory agencies and bureaucrats responsible for lead ammunition restrictions.

Yes, the NRA’s cheese continues to fall off its cracker.