The NRA is Suing the NRA

Written by SK Ashby

More specifically, the National Rifle Associate (NRA) is suing the creator and backers of NRATV, the flailing TV channel that has occasionally made Alex Jones blush.

To make a long story short -- the NRA has reason to believe that NRATV has been over billing the gun lobby and it all revolves around NRA President Oliver North who appears to have been double-dipping on his own employer.

North draws a salary as the president of the NRA, but he's also being paid by the marketing firm that produces NRATV, meaning he's being paid by the NRA twice.

From Talking Points Memo:

The complaint — filed by the NRA in Virginia’s Alexandria circuit court — demands that Oklahoma-based advertising firm and NRATV operator Ackerman McQueen hand over reams of documents that it has allegedly been withholding for months, saying that “its patience has run out.”

The NRA appears to be seeking the information in connection with an investigation into whether Ackerman and a related company called Mercury — referred to as AMc in the case — were over billing the gun lobby. The gun lobby also appears to be probing whether a separate deal that AMc signed with NRA president Oliver North allowed the advertising firm to lay North’s fees on the gun lobby that he runs.

It's some kind of poetic justice that the grifters and literal felons the NRA hired to run their operations have eaten the lobby from within.

As you may know, the NRA has been operating in the red since the 2016 election and they filed a lawsuit against the state of New York in 2018 alleging that Governor Andrew Cuomo's public relations campaign against the lobby had driven it toward bankruptcy. But everything we know tells us the gun lobby is collapsing under the enormous weight of their own batshittery and grift.

I will always remember the NRA of the Obama-era as a retail lobby so feverishly-racist it became a domestic terrorist organization and ultimately betrayed America by funneling Russian spies and money into our politics.