Republican Party

The Party of Closeted Socialists

This is truly remarkable.

A PPP poll out on Wednesday illustrates a clear contradiction within the GOP electorate: overwhelming majorities of voters who deride President Obama as a socialist, but who also love actual real social welfare programs — Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid — and don’t want to see them cut. [...]

71 percent of Republicans in the poll agree that President Obama is a socialist. But 75 percent of them don’t think that the government should end Social Security. 78 percent think that ending Medicare would be a bad idea. And 61 percent say the same about Medicaid (health care for the poor).

The poll also shows what others have: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is far ahead of the field, with 31 percent of the vote.

We think President Obama is a raging socialist, but please, keep your hands off of our socialized medicine.

This poll clearly demonstrates that Rick Perry's tough talk on Social "Ponzi Scheme" Security has had little, if any, effect on his candidacy even though 75 percent of his constituents want him to keep his hands off of it.

There seems to be a correlation between conservative phobia of homosexuality and their phobia of socialism. In both cases, the most outspoken critics and fearmongers turn out to be homosexuals or socialists. And in both cases, their phobia is born out of ignorance.

No doubt there's a video on Youtube somewhere featuring a Teabagger conflating homosexuality and socialism as well. Only Europeans are socialists, and Europeans are all gay, so socialists must be gay too. Or something.