Open Thread

The Party of No Jobs

Artist - JD Crowe

In other news, Boss Limbaugh has decided to side with Rick Perry over Michele Bachmann for her accusation during last night's debate that Perry's mandated HPV vaccine causes "retardation." Grand Dragon Limbaugh says Bachmann has "jumped the shark."

It's amusing to me that that's what it took to garner an accusation of "jumping the shark." Ya' know, not the other multitude of questionable and down-right inaccurate things Bachmann has said in the past. I suppose the difference now is that Rick Perry is in the race. The Republicans finally have a very serious man to get behind.

I'm featuring a second cartoon tonight just because I found this one to be hilarious and timely.

Artist - Randy Bish

My apologies to any Steelers fans out there reading this.