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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Kevin Siers)

In other news, Priebus is out of the Trump regime. It's not clear if he resigned or if he was fired.

Meanwhile, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) wrote a first hand account of last night's health care vote that is worth your reading.

Finally, Obamacare lives! It's still with us and it will be for at least the next month. I personally know people would go bankrupt and/or die if Republicans had their way, so I'm grateful that they failed. Everyone should breathe a sigh of relief this weekend, but don't let your guard down.

There was a lot of news I didn't get to this week while remaining focused on health care, so here are some stories I missed:

Anthony Scaramuuci snorted a lot of coke and said some things about Steve Banon and Reince Priebus.

Scaramuuci is also getting divorced.

Bill Browder says there's "no doubt" in his mind that Natalya Veselnitskaya is a Russian spy. Same.

FBI agents who spoke to Buzzfeed say former Russian media czar and RT founder Mikhail Lesin was murdered. This is very, very suspicious.

In another previously unreported revelation, the two FBI agents said it was the Department of Justice that paid for the hotel room where Lesin died. DOJ officials had invited the Russian to Washington to interview him about the inner workings of RT, the Kremlin-funded network that Lesin founded, they said.

But Lesin never made it to the interview. He died the night before it was scheduled to take place.

In related news, fake-ass anti-elitist crusader Sean Hannity reportedly spent $42,000 at Trump's shitty restaurant in a single sitting. That included flying in an "eight-pound 70-year-old lobster from Maine."

Rick Perry was tricked into talking about pig shit during a prank call.

Texas attorney general and smirking schmuck Ken Paxton has received a trial date of December 11th. Paxton has been charged with fraud.

Carrier employees whose jobs were "saved" by Trump have some thoughts about him now that they've been let go.

“Trump came in there to the factory last December and blew smoke up our asses. He wasn’t gonna save those jobs. And, if that’s the case, he would have saved us and Rexnord, a company around
the corner from us that makes parts.

“We had a mix of Trump supporters and Clinton supporters at the factory, I’d say. The ones that really supported him are quiet right now. Some of them got let go yesterday, too.

“We talked about Trump on the job, after the election. You could always tell who the Trump supporters were because they never participated in the conversation. It was about even, blacks and whites, for Trump. Also, some of them wore the hats. Not anymore, though. [...]

“I think the C.E.O. of Carrier and Trump was in bed together the whole time. That day Trump came to Carrier, those two were too chummy. The way they sniggled and giggled. That sneaky kind of shit-eating grin."

Have a good weekend.

  • Christopher Foxx

    The ones that really supported him are quiet right now.

    Sorry, but I’ve got no sympathy for them. That Trump would be terrible for them was obvious and if they didn’t figure that out it’s because they worked hard not to, or they didn’t care as long as Trump promised to hurt others more. The willfully ignorant whose main motivation is to harm others don’t deserve sympathy when the predictable happens.

  • 1933john
  • muselet

    I can’t decide whether

    “Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls’ pants. Use it to get into their heads.”


    “Thou shalt think for yourselves.”

    is my favorite line.

    (Yeah, it’s six-and-a-half years old. I still like it.)


  • Aynwrong

    I wonder how many of the Carrier employees who voted for the Magnificent Orange Saviour® will now (if ever) wake up to the fact that people like Hannity have led them around by the nose for decades by feeding their prejudices, fears and resentments while dining like this.

    “eight-pound 70-year-old lobster from Maine.”

    Such a creature never should have been sacrificed for the likes of a crustacean as Sean Hannity.

    • JMAshby

      A lobster of that age and size isn’t even a good meal in any case. The larger the lobster is, the longer it takes to cook, the tougher the meat becomes.

      Only a rich moron (Sean Hannity) orders a lobster like that.

      • Aynwrong

        That sounds about right. I mean the “moron” part.