The Platform

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Robert Ariail)

In other news, evangelical poster boy Jerry Falwell Jr. is out of Liberty University following reports that is he literally a cuck.

It's okay to be kinky. It's not okay to be a hypocrite who runs the most infamous anti-kink establishment in the country. Even having suggestive thoughts is a sin at Liberty.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average's longest serving member, Exxon Mobil, will be removed to make way for technology companies.

While any change to the Dow is notable, the ejection of Exxon Mobil, the longest-serving member, marks a particularly rapid shift in fortunes. Worth $525 billion in 2007 and more than $450 billion as recently 2014, the stock had fallen in four of six years before 2020 and is down another 40% since January. It’s now worth about $180 billion.

Finally, the vast majority of business economists say we could see a double-dip recession.

About half of the National Association of Business Economics members expect US gross domestic product — the broadest measure of the economy — won't return to its pre-pandemic level until 2022. A majority of those experts also say the US job market will be back to its February level in 2022 at the earliest.

Nearly 80% say there is a one-in-four chance of a double-dip recession -- an economic downturn that begins to recover and worsens again before fully recovering.

NABE's findings are based on 235 responses to its August economic policy survey. [...]

The majority of surveyed experts — 62% — said Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden would be better for US economic growth than President Donald Trump.

I'm not an economist, but I'll go a step further and say things won't be normal even in 2022 if Trump is reelected.

The Obama economy is gone. Trump doesn't have anything to coast on and his policies have never added to the economy even when things were relatively good. He only subtracts.