The Real Victims

According to Fox New "analyst" Brit Hume, Herman Cain's sexual-harassment scandal has revealed that our laws against harassment are too harsh, and in some cases even turn bosses, like Herman Cain, into the real victims.

HUME: Not only are unwanted advances now against the law, but so is conduct that may be found to create quote "an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment."

The problem is that what is intimidating, hostile, or offensive to some may not be to others. Innocently-intended compliments may be welcome to one person but may give offense to another.

In other words -- "Don't be so sensitive, sugartits."

Similar comments have been made from virtually every figure, from Rush Limbaugh, to Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, who sits at the round table of conservative knights.

From their perspective, it wouldn't matter if Herman Cain really did harass women at his former workplace, because you can bet on them accusing those women of tempting mister Cain or sending the wrong signals. Perhaps they even wore the wrong clothing. It's not exactly hard to predict the words of those who would blame an 11 year old Texas girl for being gang-raped by 18 men because she was "dressed like a prostitute."

Then again, if it turns out the women were white and beautiful, all bets are off.

via DropFox