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The Real Winner in Tomorrow’s Midterms: The Meme Culture

It’s times like this when it’s really difficult to not become even more cynical about the intellect of the American voter. In my nearly 30 years covering politics, I’ve seen very elections that are quite this incomprehensible and, sadly, I don’t think it’ll be the last.

Yes, the Republicans will likely win enough seats for a majority in the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2006, likely elevating more crackpot tea party weirdos like Joni Ernst. The reasons for such a shift are baffling — not just in an “I Can’t Believe Candidate X Won” kind of way — but in a totally contradictory, idiotic kind of way.

The other night on Real Time, Bill Maher recapped a series of indicators that should be quite familiar to anyone who reads my articles here. Indeed, we’ve covered this territory many, many time over the last several years and yet tomorrow America’s pervasive voter ignorance will be fully illustrated in uncontested terms in spite of the following:

–The deficit has been cut from $1.4 trillion in 2009 to $500 billion today. The only Republican president in the last 70 years to leave office with a reduced deficit was Eisenhower, while three Democratic presidents, including Obama, have achieved this status.
–6.1 percent unemployment, down from 10.2 percent, and expected to drop to 5.4 percent by next Summer.
–4.3 million jobs created, in spite of taking office when 800,000 jobs were being lost per month.
–The DJIA has climbed from around 6,000 to a record high of 17,000.
–63 consecutive months of economic expansion following the worst recession since the Great Depression.
–25 consecutive months of increased domestic manufacturing.
–The lowest growth rate in government spending in 50 years.
–Domestic automakers are turning record profits.
–Even though there are serious environmental concerns, we’re exporting more oil than we import for the first time since 1995.
–Gas prices are well below $4 per gallon.
–More than 10 million Americans now have affordable, comprehensive health insurance.

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