The Renewable Resource We’ve Been Looking For!

The Republican congressional candidate running for former Representative Gabrielle Giffords' seat in Arizona, Jesse Kelly, has discovered the renewable resource we've all been looking for -- Oil!

KELLY: I do find it laughable when they talk about the energy crisis, the energy shortage, when we have so much here in this country. We have so much coal, so much oil, so much natural gas, we have everything we need right here. Three decades ago, they told us there were 800 million barrels of oil existing in the world. Today, because of technology, there’s over a trillion. So apparently it is the renewable resource we’ve all been talking about!

Jesse Kelly is either unfamiliar with the definition of "renewable," or he is unfamiliar with the geological and chemical process that created fossil fuels. Or both. And maybe he's unfamiliar with the word "fossil" as well.

Unfortunately, stupidity cannot be transformed into a renewable resource.

Losing Gabrielle Giffords' seat to this buffoon would be a national embarrassment.