The Right Stuff

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Matt Davies)

In other news, the Senate is expected to pass a $250 billion bill for the semiconductor industry to combat a chip shortage.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department will now require that federal agents use body cameras when conducting arrests or serving search warrants. The Trump regime had banned the use of body cameras last year.

Finally, a new Senate report found even more failures of security during the attack on the capitol.

The senators are heavily critical of the Capitol Police Board, a three-member panel made up of the heads of security for the House and Senate and the Architect of the Capitol. The board now is required to approve requests by the police chief, even in urgent situations. The report recommends that its members “regularly review the policies and procedures” after senators found that the three board members on Jan. 6 did not understand their own authority and could not detail the statutory requirements for requesting National Guard assistance. [...]

The report recommends a consolidated intelligence unit within the Capitol Police after widespread failures from multiple agencies that did not predict the attack even though insurrectionists were planning it openly on the internet.