The Right Time

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Jimmy Margulies)

In other news, the Trump campaign has begun handing over documents requested by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, NBC News reporter Katy Tur says Trump gave her an unwanted kiss on the cheek during the campaign. That fits a pattern, doesn't it?

Finally, it looks like Reuters caught Vladimir Putin's political party committing fraud.

VLADIKAVKAZ/IVNYA, Russia (Reuters) - At polling station no. 333 in the Russian city of Vladikavkaz, Reuters reporters only counted 256 voters casting their ballots in a regional election on Sunday.

People were voting across Russia in what is seen as a dress rehearsal for next year’s presidential vote. Kremlin candidates for regional parliaments and governorships performed strongly nationwide.

When the official results for polling station no. 333 were declared, the turnout was first given as 1,331 before being revised up to 1,867 on Tuesday. That is more than seven times higher than the number of voters counted by Reuters - with 73 percent of the votes going to United Russia, the party of President Vladimir Putin.


Reuters reporters were there when the polls opened at 08:00 until after the official count had been completed. They saw one man, who said he was a United Russia election observer, approaching the ballot box multiple times and each time putting inside voting papers.

“We must ensure 85 percent for United Russia. Otherwise, the Tsar will stop providing us with money,” the man, Sergei Lyutikov, told a reporter, in an apparent reference to Putin.

I can't say that's surprising, but there it is.

  • waspuppet

    And the Russian model is what Trump and his Make Me Have Been The Popular Vote Winner commission are aiming for. Because they are so very patriotic and love America so much.

  • notanncoulter

    cue Alvy Singer’s female grade school classmate from “Annie Hall”: “yech he kissed me, ick”

  • Aynwrong

    Katy Tur has turned out to be an impressive reporter and show host since the election. She’s almost as consistent in pushing back against Trump/GOP nonsense as Joy Reid. It’s a shame she had endure such an indignity as part of her job. She shouldn’t have had to. She should have been able to tell Trump to “fuck off!” with out risk of losing her job.

    • Christopher Foxx

      It’s a shame she had endure such an indignity as part of her job.

      Getting an unwanted kiss is part of her job? It’s in the job description?

      It is a shame she had to experience such an indignity. But she does not have to endure (“to suffer an unpleasantness patiently”) it. Nor is it part of her job.

      • Aynwrong

        That was all my point.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Mine is that I wouldn’t describe it as “part of her job”.

  • Badgerite

    Exactly. There it is. Putin has a lot of experience in smothering democracies. He did it in his own land and now he wants to do it in other lands as well.

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