The RNC Asked Trump to be Less of an Ass. He Declined.

Buried in this NBC News report on Trump's unhinged response to the shooting in Orlando is an amusing nugget about Trump's coordination with the RNC, or a lack thereof.

The RNC reportedly asked Trump to simply pay his respects and shut up after the shooting.

A source who works closely with the Trump campaign, granted anonymity in order to speak freely to NBC News, said after Sunday's attack that the party had asked the candidate to offer condolences and then to stay silent. Trump clearly chose a different approach.

Dan Senor, a Republican strategist who served in the George W. Bush administration, told CNBC's John Harwood in an e-mail that Trump's comments on Obama "should be [a] serious concern" to officials tasked with providing classified briefings to Trump.

As you know, Trump not only didn't shut up, he actually congratulated himself for the shooting.

Trump claimed credit for the attack even before any terrorist organization did.

Trump also went on to imply that President Obama is in cahoots with terrorists and, just a few minutes before writing this post, Trump called for banning all Muslims, all immigrants, and all refugees.

There will be no pivot to the center for Donald Trump. He isn't going to change. Fascism will be on the ballot in November.