Cartoon LGBT Open Thread Science

The Science Committee

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, Ted Cruz said the aftermath of unprecedented, catastrophic flooding that transformed Texas highways into rivers is not the right time to "politicize" the situation by talking about science.

Cruz politicizes science on a daily basis, why not now?

Meanwhile, Fox News and their host host Neil Cavuto are a goddamn embarrassment.

Neil Cavuto introduced the segment [on Caitlyn Jenner] by asking in an exaggerated voice, “What the hell is going on?!?” The reporter, Dagen Mcdowell then proceeded to incorrectly use the pronouns “him” and “his” to refer to Caitlyn seven times.

Cavuto makes a joke of wanting to end the segment quickly, “Look at the time…” He then introduces his next guest, Charles Payne, as “Charlene Payne” to uproarious laughter.

Ha! Get it? We're a bunch of ignorant douches!

Great stuff, boys.

Finally, Mondays are terrible, amirite? Between a lack of sleep and the oppressive allergies, I'm glad you guys couldn't see how many typos I fixed today. It's hard to type or even form coherent thoughts when you can barely see straight.