The Shadow Policy

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, Mike Pence has tied China's handling of protests in Hong Kong to a possible trade deal, again, by saying it would be "difficult" to sign a deal if violence increases.

I don't actually believe the Trumps give two shits about protests in Hong Kong, but I guess this is something they can point fingers at.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says it's "inconceivable" that the Senate will ever vote to remove Trump from office, but I think we knew that already.

Finally, the United States now has the highest rate of children in detention in the world according to a United Nations study.

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United States has the world’s highest rate of children in detention, including more than 100,000 in immigration-related custody that violates international law, the author of a United Nations study said on Monday. [...]

The United States detains an average of 60 out of every 100,000 children in its justice system or immigration-related custody, Nowak said, the world’s highest rate, followed by countries such as Bolivia, Botswana and Sri Lanka.

Mexico, where many Central American migrants have been turned back at the U.S. border, also has high numbers, with 18,000 children in immigration-related detention and 7,000 in prisons, he said.

The U.S. rate compared with an average of five per 100,000 in Western Europe and 14-15 in Canada, he said.

We detain more children than -- *checks notes* -- Sri Lanka, a country that was engaged in a civil war for nearly 30 years.