The State of the Union

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Chris Britt)

In other news, the Trump regime has removed New York from the Global Entry and other fast travel programs in retaliation for the state's sanctuary law that limits cooperation with Trump's deportation force.

Meanwhile, New York regulators have filed charges against the NRA and their murder insurance program, also know as "carry guard." They says the NRA operated as an insurer without a license and also skimmed off their customers.

New York’s Department of Financial Services accused the NRA of having worked with insurance broker Lockton Companies to offer insurance products such as the NRA-branded “Carry Guard” to the group’s members without a license.

It said the NRA misrepresented to its members that the products were being sold at the lowest possible cost, when in fact the group kept “substantial” royalties, sometimes exceeding 20% of premiums paid.

Finally, the former head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) blasted Trump's trade war and protectionist policies in general during an interview with Bloomberg.

Placing duties on Chinese goods to reduce the U.S. trade shortfall “is all wrong, because the trade deficit is not the problem,” [former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy] said Thursday in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “What is produced in China and what is imported by the U.S. will be produced elsewhere, mostly outside the U.S. The price for tariffs is being paid by U.S. consumers and this is a negative development for the U.S. economy.” [...]

“The WTO needs to be reformed in order to adjust to the size and the behavior of China today,” he said. “This is why the solution is in reinforcement, renegotiation and an improvement of the WTO disciplines and not in bilateral tariff wars.”