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The Supreme Court and Fox News Channel: Partners in Stupid

The Supreme Court decision in Burwell v Hobby Lobby Stores continues to confound me. It’s difficult to get beyond the basic dumbness of the conservative justices who utterly failed to recognize that the Affordable Care Act absolutely does not mandate that corporations buy employee insurance policies featuring abortion-inducing or abortifacient pills such as RU486. The law only mandates that employees cover emergency contraception that either prevents ovulation or fertilization or both — not implantation of a fertilized egg, which can be defined as an abortion.

And yet, predictably, Fox News Channel and the conservative entertainment complex (credit as always to David Frum) continued throughout the day Monday to repeat the lie that Hobby Lobby and other small businesses with religious owners were being forced by evil Obama to pay for employee health insurance plans that cover abortion pills (which, by the way, are perfectly legal however stigmatized).

As we reported yesterday, Karl Rove said:

“It was not about contraception. [Hobby Lobby] accepted the contraception that was included in the HHS mandate. What they objected to were three drugs, and one device that were designed to end a pregnancy — to terminate a pregnancy. Morning after pills, for example.”

Erick Erickson on Twitter:

For what it’s worth, Erickson posted a few other tweets… CONTINUE READING