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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, I was going to share some terrible news here, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving so why don't we just skip to the good stuff?

Stephen Colbert temporarily took over the Butterball hotline for last night's Late Show.

Meanwhile, President Obama pardoned a turkey this afternoon where he reminisced about embarrassing his daughters.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but my family is actually meeting on Friday because of conflicting schedules, so I'll see you all on Monday.

  • Aynwrong

    Next Thanksgiving Trump’s going to have to pardon himself.

    *Sorry, but where else am I gonna make that joke?*

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Have a Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving holiday, everyone! I sincerely hope your family gatherings are without serious problems or violence—-Be safe, eat well, and come back afterwards.

  • Scopedog

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone…

    (although I don’t think the same can be said for this poor fellow…:) )

  • Christopher Foxx

    The Butterball bit was funny, but I couldn’t help but cringe at parts, too. Particularly when he was playing O’Hare traffic controller. The threat to call Homeland Security was far too close to what we’re likely to see all too soon (and given the probable age of the caller, too reminiscent of scammers who call the elderly and tell them they have to pay now to avoid being served with the warrant that’s been issued).

    I really, really hope that in the part we didn’t see, before Colbert hung up on callers he let them know he’s just playing with them and turns them over to someone who actually helps them out. I’m torn between really enjoying Colbert and being uncomfortable with folks how turn people calling for help into unwilling fodder for jokes.

    Yeah, I know. Taking it too seriously. But, still…

  • Have a good Turkey Day Ashby!

  • muselet

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ashby.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who comments here. You folks are definitely on the list of things I’m thankful for.


    • And the same to you!

    • Aynwrong

      Back at ya Muse!