“The Takers” Unwittingly Appear in McConnell Campaign Ad

Remember the Ohio coal miners who lost a day’s pay and were forced by Murray Energy to appear in a campaign ad for Mitt Romney? We covered that here extensively both before and after the 2012 election cycle when the miners were subsequently fired because Romney lost; because “the takers outvoted the producers.”


Why bring this up again? Because the same miners are now unwittingly appearing in ads for Mitch McConnell.


I’m just guessing, but I assume these poor bastards didn’t sign on for being photoshopped into an ad for Team Mitch.

In March of this year Murray Energy filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency because the Clean Air Act was “costing hard-working Americans their jobs.”

That would come off as slightly more genuine if CEO Robert E. Murray had not personally fired over 150 employees just 3 days after President Obama was reelected.

Murray Energy rehired most of the employees Robert Murray fired after the election because Robert Murray is full of shit.