The Thinker

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Joe Heller)

In other news, the federal deficit for fiscal 2018 rose to $779 billion, up $113 billion over fiscal 2017. The deficit is projected to reach $1 trillion in fiscal 2019.

Meanwhile, scientists say climate change and global warming could lead to a beer shortage because it will be more difficult to farm barley.

Finally, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are reportedly entangled with a spiritual guru who claims he can teach people how to fly.

[John] Hagelin claimed the combined brain activity produced during regular group practice of [Transcendental Meditation] radiates out to people who are not meditating or even aware that others are; these invisible waves bring instant peace and harmony to society at large. This, he explained, is the “Maharishi Effect.”

According to Hagelin, all it takes to achieve the Maharishi Effect and its commensurate reductions in everything from homicides to car accidents is for a group of people equivalent to one percent of the population of a city, state, or country to practice the basic TM technique at once.

Transcendental Meditation galas have apparently been hosted by the appropriately-named David Lynch Foundation.