The Trade War

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Matt Davies)

In other news, if British parliament calls for a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Johnson's staff say they will use every available procedure to ensure that a new election doesn't take place until after the hard Brexit he's promising.

Johnson will destroy the Kingdom even if it's the last thing he does.

Meanwhile, investors no longer have any idea what Trump is doing or thinking.

"If you want to be successful, you have to be strategic," Steven Blitz, chief U.S. economist at TS Lombard. "Be very clear what the point is, how you want to get it, what is the victory. Because the fact is, you're asking this question and I can't even tell you what victory is."

As I've been saying for months, Trump couldn't tell you what victory looks like either. He doesn't know.

Finally -- and this is related to ICE's workplace raid on chicken plants in Mississippi -- Tyson Foods says they're bringing in robots because they can't hire enough humans to meet demand.

“We’ve got to get out in front of this,” said Marty Linn, the director of the new center who, before coming to Tyson, spent 30 years at General Motors Co. “We’re not going to outsource” these tasks, “we’re going to produce them here in this country, so automation is a key strategy for us going forward,” he said.

Advances in technology are making it possible to make strides in automation. For example, machine vision is now accurate and speedy enough to apply to meat production, which is highly labor intensive compared with other food manufacturing. Also, a lot of washing and sanitizing occurs in a meat-packing plant, which has traditionally been difficult on robots, but now the machines are built to withstand that. [...]

A shortage of labor is one of the biggest impediments to growth in the meat industry, said Will Sawyer, an animal protein economist at the $138 billion rural lender CoBank ACB.

“If there was enough available labor, we would see more protein on the market, especially on the pork and poultry side,” he said.

To reiterate -- there's a labor shortage even if you include immigrant labor and the Trump regime is doing everything they can to deport immigrant labor.

Who will the Red Hats blame when even immigrants lose their jobs to robots?