The Trump Regime Uses Info From Migrant Children to Deport Their Families

Written by SK Ashby

An increasingly large number of migrant children are being held by the Trump regime, but the Trump regime is also actively making it more difficult for them to find homes or temporary shelter.

Unbeknownst to us, the Trump regime has been using information they gather from the children in their custody to deport the friends and relatives who would have provided them a home in the past.

Dozens of rights groups are now blowing the whistle and threatening legal action for the practice.

From the Associated Press:

The new role for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an HHS unit that works to reunite unaccompanied migrant children with relatives until their legal status can be resolved, began under an information-sharing agreement it quietly signed in April with immigration enforcement agencies in DHS.

Fingerprints and personal data from would-be sponsors and members of their households were then fed into a DHS database originally intended to track criminal histories — but revamped in May to aid immigration verification, government documents show.

Wednesday’s letter complains that federal, state and local authorities — and some foreign governments — have virtually untrammeled access to that database, which could subject law-abiding potential sponsors to unwarranted scrutiny.

Federal officials say the information-sharing aims to protect the migrant kids from traffickers and other abuse. But since it began, the average time children spend in federal custody has roughly doubled to more than two months.

Just yesterday we learned that former Office of Refugee Resettlement waived full background checks at detention camps for migrant children, making them vulnerable to predators and abusers.

Today we learn that Lloyd also made it more difficult to reunite the children with families and sponsors by using any information children give them to go after potential sponsors. And you can bet the children weren't told or didn't fully understand the implications of this. Children who are old enough to understand may have withheld information to protect their families.

Any words I can think of feel inadequate to convey what a motherfucker Scott Lloyd is. Lloyd considers himself a family man of "God" who tried to stop migrant teens from obtaining abortions, but he has also exposed tens thousands of children to trauma and took steps that will ensure some families are never reunited. He has undoubtedly created orphans.

Conservative Christianity is synonymous with white supremacy.