The Trump Virus

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, the U.S. recorded about one coronavirus death every minute yesterday for a total of nearly 1,500 or the highest number of deaths since mid May. About 10,000 Americans have died in the past 11 days.

Meanwhile, NPR reports that when HHS took control of hospital data collection from the CDC, they handed it to a private contractor with financial ties to the Trump Organization. HHS claims TeleTracking won the contract in a competitive process, but NPR couldn't find other companies that placed bids.

Finally, President Obama delivered a eulogy for Representative John Lewis today. You can watch it in full below if you missed it.

I cried once during this, and once after, because it reminded me how horrific Trump has been from the beginning in comparison to what we had before. It is truly exhausting to spend every other day afraid of what the federal government is going to do next. I'm voting for Joe Biden in November not just because I'm a Democrat; I'm voting for him so maybe I can finally sleep.

Even while I feel and say that, I know that minorities (not including myself because I didn't know who I really was until last year) have always had reasons to fear the government, not just Trump's government. It's far past time to finally fix that and I feel like the Biden administration will. A lot has changed and Trump has reminded all of us that we have a lot to lose and that it can all be taken away. Public policy should be devoid of discrimination, not enshrined in it.