The Trump’s Infected Almost 500 Agents With COVID

Written by SK Ashby

Recalling Trump's relationship with the U.S. Secret Surface may bring back images of agents renting golf carts or rooms at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort at taxpayer expense, but their relationship should also be associated with spreading the coronavirus.

According to records obtained by public watchdogs, the Trumps infected an enormous amount of special agents assigned to following them around.

Over half of nearly 900 infections were linked to protecting Trump and his family.

Almost 900 active U.S. secret service employees -- most of them responsible for protecting government officials and buildings -- were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the year ending in March.

Special Agents, who protect the president, vice president, and their families, made up more than half of the 881 employees who were infected, according to government records obtained by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The uniformed division, which guards the White House and other federal buildings, made up the next largest group of infections.

I can scarcely imagine the indignity of protecting this man, riding around his golf courses, and contracting COVID because of it.

I've somewhat vaguely said Trump tried to kill as many people as he possibly could on his way out the door, but this is a bit more direct. He could have limited his travel or behavior to avoid spreading the virus among the agents protecting him, but that was never a concern for him or his spawn. I just remembered that Jared and Ivanka made their protective detail rent a bathroom across the street from their home.