Healthcare War On Women

Xavier Ends Contraception Coverage. Just Because.

Up to this point Xavier University had already been providing contraception coverage through its healthcare plan, but now they've decided not to

Why? Because Obama kicked their dog. Or something.

Xavier University will stop offering contraception coverage through its health plan this summer, according to a report from WLWT News. The Jesuit university will no longer cover birth control or sterilization except for non-contraceptive reasons. Recently, several Protestant colleges warned they might discontinue health insurance to students if the Obama administration did not alter its contraception rule. Some other Catholic universities, like the University of Dayton, have offered contraception coverage in the past and say they will continue to do so. The Obama regulation allows religiously affiliated organizations to opt out of offering birth control.

I'm struggling to follow the logic here.

They were already providing coverage, but now that President Obama wants them to carry it, they're going to drop it? That's the chronological order of these events, so I can only assume that had Kathleen Sebelius never announced the new rules, they would still be covering it.

University President Michael Graham says he cannot condone coverage absent a mandate, even though they were covering it before a mandate came into existence. A mandate which they are exempt from, by the way.

I don't imagine the women of Xavier University appreciate being cast aside just because the university's leadership is choosing to bow to pressure from anti-birth control zealots. Because this has nothing to do with the Obama Administration's rules. They were already covering it!