War On Women

The War on Women is Backfiring

More proof that the GOP's War on Women is backfiring and that only in the minds of Fox News and the beltway press is President Obama "blundering."

via Greg Sargent

The respected Dem firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner has just published an important polling memo that gets right to the heart of why the birth control battle could matter so much in this year’s elections.

Greenberg’s poll finds that one of the most important factors powering Obama’s gains against likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney has been the President’s improving numbers among unmarried women, a key pillar of the present and future Democratic coalition.

Among this group, Obama now leads Romney by 65-30 — and there’s been a net 18-point swing towards the President among them:

The conservative media establishment has crawled so far up their own asses, they are denying any and all data that contradicts the narratives they chose to believe in. Whether it's improving economic data, or data showing that most people agree with the president on, well, everything they will either ignore it or claim conspiracy.

That's good news for the Democrat's election chances, but bad news for the country. Because Fox News is creating an environment where it's impossible for a GOP candidate to win while simultaneously convincing their viewers it's impossible for a GOP candidate to not win. They're giving their loyal viewers the impression that any scenario wherein President Obama is re-elected is automatically perceived as illegitimate.

This is not only irresponsible, it's dangerous.