The War on Women Returns

It would appear that the Republican war on women is making a comeback.

This week the House of Representatives is voting on another abortion bill, Kansas is making it legal to beat your wife, and the House of Representatives is also considering a bill that would render immigrant women unable to report domestic abuse.

Maybe they became bored with all of that economic-obstruction business and are rekindling a favorite past-time.

Two bills up for consideration by Congress neatly coincide with October’s status as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, one that advocates are cheering and another that would impede justice for victims.

The American Independent reported that an immigration enforcement act called the Hinder the Administration Legalization Temptation Act (HALT), would impose penalties on immigrants who claimed abuse. Sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), one provision of the law would force immigration officials to deport illegal immigrants who claimed they were victims of domestic violence. After reporting the crime, the person would be detained because of their illegal status. They could still receive legal help, but being in detention further complicates and hinders their case against their abuser.

I can't imagine who would be "cheering" for this kind of legislation.

Do people actually wake up in the morning and think to themselves "Ya' know what? It's just wrong that immigrant women can report their partners for abuse without being deported. We must put a stop to this!"

It's hard to see this as anything other than being pro-wifebeating because this isn't simply a new call for more deportations, which I might add are currently at their highest level ever. It specifically targets victims of domestic violence.