The White House Has a Backup Plan for Blocking Asylum Claims

Written by SK Ashby

A federal judge under the jurisdiction of the not-Trump-friendly Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently blocked Trump's new restrictions on asylum that would have disqualified almost everyone crossing the border from Mexico, but Trump's immigration adviser Stephen Miller has other plans for blocking immigrants from claiming asylum.

Miller wants to prevent immigrants from even seeing an officer from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) by tasking the Border Patrol with quickly determining if an immigrant credibly fears for their life according to emails from the National Security Council obtained by NBC News.

In the email, a National Security Council official tells Customs and Border Protection officials to come prepared to a meeting scheduled for Friday, July 26, because Miller is interested in the rate of approval for initial screenings for migrants interviewed by Border Patrol agents versus asylum officers.

"I can almost assure you," said the email, "that the credible fear integrity (discussion) will be centered on the numbers ... you all are seeing with [Border Patrol] agents assessing credible fear as opposed to the 97 + % he was seeing only with CIS." [...]

The official went on to say in the email quoted above that "(Miller) might press for an answer on when the (asylum) officers will no longer be looking over the shoulders of agents."

I don't know if Stephen Miller has ever had an original idea that wasn't racist, cruel, and unconstitutional.