The Wrong Side of History

Herman Cain reiterated his position today that we should not blame Wall Street or the big banks for thrashing the economy and that the poor should blame themselves for not being rich.

According to the Associated Press, Cain called the Occupy Wall Street protesters "un-American" and even went there with the "job creators" meme.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says the Occupy Wall Street protesters are un-American and against capitalism. Speaking to The Associated Press during a book signing event Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Fla., Cain said the protesters shouldn’t rally against Wall Street bankers or brokers because “they’re the ones who create the jobs.”

I'd really like to see an example of stock brokers creating jobs aside from secretaries who fetch their coffee and Prozac. Those employed by the personal escort industry do not count either.

Short-selling company stocks and engaging in commodity speculation certainly doesn't create jobs. It might kill a few though.

Meanwhile, both President Obama and Vice President Biden have expressed sympathy for and an understanding of why the protests are happening. Something that no Republican presidential candidate has so far managed to do.

Someone is on the wrong side of history here, and it isn't this administration.

via ThinkProgress

Adding... On the subject of creating jobs, Citigroup and Bank of America have together presided over 138,056 layoffs since 2004.