The AP has a time machine?

It's now only 75 minutes into the Iraq election and the AP has written an item which sounds as if the polls are closed and Sunday has ended in Iraq. Does Hamza Hendawi of the AP have a time machine?

Iraqis voted Sunday in their country's first free election in a half-century, defying threats of violence from insurgents determined to sabotage the balloting.

It's 75 minutes into the vote -- how has anyone "defied threats of violence" when the whole thing just started.

Another weirdly time-specific sentence:

Voters nationwide began trickling past police guards and heavy security fortifications into schools and other buildings converted into polling centers.

The article was posted and filed at 8:56pm PST (11:56pm EST and 7:56am Iraq time) -- only 56 minutes into the election and that doesn't account for the time it took to write the item.

Read the item at SF Gate here.