The Ben Nelson Filibuster

Ben Nelson hasn't committed to voting for cloture against Republican obstruction yet.

"I've made no promise. I can't decide about the procedural vote until I see the underlying bill. It would be, I think, reckless to say I'll support the procedure without knowing what the underlying bill consists of. And it's not put together yet. It's a draft -- it will be a draft bill sometime next week, submitted the Congressional Budget Office for the review of the cost."

Let's call this what it is: Ben Nelson is filibustering healthcare reform.

By refusing to commit to breaking the Republican filibuster, Nelson is basically joining the Republicans against reform. He's stalling the Senate bill and delaying reform while people are dying and going broke -- all so he can score some points on the right and maybe get some pork tossed his way in compromise. Disgusting little man.

If you want to blame someone for the trigger, blame Nelson. Maybe also Blanche Lincoln and Harry Reid. If Nelson continues this silent filibuster, Snowe becomes necessary.