Bush Legacy Project

The Bush Legacy Blows

Ed Gillespie adding to the No Attacks Mythology:

And one last fact: Our homeland has not suffered another terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. That, too, is part of the real Bush record.

Building upon Yglesias' Hoover metaphor, this is like bragging that President Clinton didn't suffer from an impeachment prior to his 1998 impeachment. No impeachments before 1998!

But I know what Gillespie is saying. He's suggesting that there wasn't another attack in which hijacked planes deliberately crashed into buildings. So in that regard, congratulations, President Bush! You only presided over three hijacked planes crashing into three buildings. Good for you. Only three.

Wait. Strike that. It turns out that every American president -- ever! -- presided over exactly zero planes deliberately crashing into zero buildings. Sorry. Your legacy really, really blows, Mr. President.

(More about the 'No Attacks Mythology' in my book.)