Democratic Party

The Case For Senator Clinton

Joe Wilson wrote a really sharp endorsement of Senator Clinton here, with plenty of negatives against Senator Obama. If you're a supporter of Senator Clinton, it's a syllabus of fuel against Senator Obama. But, at a glance, the following points seemed odd:

Hillary knew this from experience, having spent the better part of the past 20 years fighting the Republican attack machine. She is a fighter.

She's fighter against Republicans, which is why she voted with the Republicans to fight in Iraq.

I was among the most prominent anti-war voices at the time -- and never heard about or from then Illinois State Senator Obama.

Joe Wilson has been a hero in this dark age, but with all due respect this line is weak and literally near-sighted. The media made damn sure that anti-war voices at that time were marginalized and ignored. It's no goddamn wonder, Ambassador. And for what it's worth, this reminds me of e-mails I receive from wingnuts who dismiss what I write based on my education and filmmaking career. "Feh. Who are you anyway? Go back to Kootztown College."

If you aren't fed up with the whole thing, go read it and come back to parse it in comments.