Senator Barack Obama

The Clintons And The Big Lie

I can't remember the last time I was more disgusted with the Clinton campaign. My day was only made worse by the negative e-mails I'm receiving from supporters of Senator Obama who, because of my association with the Huffington Post, believe that I'm guilty by association and a turncoat. The fact remains that the Huffington Post only posted the audio. It was the Clinton campaign that sunk to a new low by once again employing Rove-style "liberals are all elitist pussies" language.

Meanwhile, the Clintons' new chief captain of their electoral Titantic, Geoffrey Garin believes that this will hurt Senator Obama in the general election. Naturally, the Clintons are using this to sway superdelegates. While the Clintons play this Rove game, they again fail to understand that if she were to somehow steal the nomination the Republicans will be using all of the same "elitist snob" attacks on her and her northeastern, liberal multi-gazillionaire status.

We should expect this behavior from Republican strategists like Rove and Rollins and Castellanos and all the rest. We expect them to continue to trick rural Americans into voting against their economic interests in order to side with the tough-guy team.

This time, and in the most pathetic and desperate way, the Clintons are helping to sell that Big Lie. Why? Because Senator Obama is smart, thin and sucks at bowling. For God fucking sake...really? Sucks At Bowling vs. Sucks At Everything -- and "Sucks At Everything" still gets votes? Seriously?!

But you know...I've concluded that Senator Clinton ought to continue down this road. The fact remains that the more she squawks about this, more and more party elders will increasingly step up efforts to force her out because of it. You and I can't be the only ones who think she's gone too far this time.