The Deadliest Catch

Your grandchildren might not know what if feels like to swim in the ocean. More from the new IPCC report:

Humanity is rapidly turning the seas acid through the same pollution that causes global warming, the world's governments and top scientists agreed yesterday. The process – thought to be the most profound change in the chemistry of the oceans for 20 million years – is expected both to disrupt the entire web of life of the oceans and to make climate change worse.


[Germany's top global warming expert] recalls how something similar happened when a comet hit Mexico's Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago, blasting massive amounts of calcium sulphate into the atmosphere to form sulphuric acid, which in turn caused the extinction of corals and virtually all shell-building species.

If this was framed as a profoundly devastating economic issue -- as important as any off-the-shelf economic issue we face (deficits, trade, taxes, etc) -- the climate crisis would take on a personal importance to American voters. Here's what it will cost you personally right now, but HERE'S what it will cost you 25 years from now. Which do you choose?