Republican Party

The Electoral Map

MSNBC is already analysing the November electoral map. And given that this is way, way, way, way too early to even bother, I saw a lot of red states there which leads me to ask the question: WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN AFTER THE LAST EIGHT YEARS? If you're a Republican and you vote for Senator McCain in the Fall, your party will be destroyed. Seriously.

You Republicans have an opportunity to hit CTRL-Alt-Del and reboot your shitty deal there by taking some time off. You elect Senator McCain and the disaster will continue -- with the economy, with Iraq, with outsourcing overseas -- all of it. And after another four years of Bush-McCain policies and after America is driven into the ground for the sake of electing another mayo-on-white-bread Republican, no-one will want to vote for another Republican for a very, very long time.