The Fourth Trimester

Here's the list of nations with a lower infant mortality rate than the United States (in order from lowest to highest):

1) Iceland
2) Singapore
3) Japan
4) Sweden
5) Norway
6) Hong Kong
7) Finland
8) Czech Republic
9) Switzerland
11) South Korea
12) Belgium
13) France
14) Spain
15) Germany
16) Denmark
17) Austria
18) Australia
19) Luxembourg
20) Netherlands
21) Israel
22) Slovenia
23) United Kingdom
24) Canada
25) Ireland
26) Italy
27) Portugal
28) New Zealand
29) Cuba
30) Channel Islands ( Jersey and Guernsey)
31) Brunei
32) Cyprus
33) New Caledonia
34) United States

Until the anti-choice legions begin to support free and universal healthcare for pregnant mothers and post-natal families, it's difficult to take them seriously on abortion -- "life" doesn't end at birth.

The question that ought to be resolved: Are private healthcare profits and "anti-socialism" talking points more important than protecting children with free and universal healthcare?

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Peter, I reversed the list so as to illustrate the top 34 nations from lowest infant mortality to highest infant mortality.