International Relations

The New Brownie

"President" Bush is a master at breaking the laws of our nation. He's also pretty good at bending them, and the latest example of this is making recess appointments.

While the world was distracted by Ariel Sharon, Jack Abramoff, and the Sago coal mine, Bush is quietly slipping people into power without Congressional approval. On 1/4, he appointed Ellen Sauerbrey to serve as Assistant Sec. of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration. This is a position that affects the lives of millions worldwide. Like Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown at FEMA before her, Sauerbrey has zero experience in the department she is now running. She does have a track record of being anti-choice and anti-contraception. Literally millions of women worldwide need grown-up people with real experience helping them with things like pregnancies from rape and AIDS. Instead, Bush gives them another small-minded, unqualified bufoon. And of course he knew that Sauerbrey wouldn't pass muster even in a GOP Congress so he did it when they were on vacation. While not strictly illegal, this is certainly an abuse of the good faith of the American people. But what's new, Georgie.