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The Post In Which I Disagree With Greenwald

Here's something I never thought I'd write: I respectfully disagree with something Glenn Greenwald wrote today.

Glenn gets up in Senator Obama's face because the senator is actively underscoring his Christianity in South Carolina with a direct mail piece and a TV spot.

Of course the mailer and spot have everything to do with the fact that certain idiot voters in South Carolina still think the senator is an evildoer Muslim -- which he's not. So the Obama campaign is out to destroy that rumor. It's political -- nothing more. Glenn, however, downplays the rumor-quashing idea and believes that the campaign is a little too Huckacrazy.

I've spent a lot of time here and at the Huffington Post blasting politicians who mix the two unmixables. But in the case of Senator Obama, he needs to do whatever he can to kill these rumors. And there will be more if he gets the nomination. Glenn's latest update:

My point is simply that, with regard to this specific tactic of appealing to voters based on shared religious beliefs, Huckabee and Obama seem to be engaged in more or less the same exercise, and therefore, it's irrational to criticize one while defending the other. Atrios makes the same point in a slightly different way.

Whatever Atrios might think, Senator Obama is NOT engaged in anything CLOSE to Huckabee's anti-Constitution Dominionist, Reconstructionist goals. The senator's not even really making a point about Christianity. He's telling the more slow-witted voters in SC that he's not a Muslim. This isn't about Christianity, Glenn, this is about not being a Muslim.