White House

The President's Weird Camp David Pictures


This is the president in his Camp David office over the weekend.

Notice the two wall hangings marked with circles.

On the left we see the famous yet totally fictitious painting of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. This scene never happened because Washington didn't believe that God intervened in human activities, and therefore he never actually prayed. Surely President Bush would know this because he read three (or four) books about George Washington last year.

In the circle on the right -- why the hell does he have a picture of his dog Miss Beazley about to be hit by car? That's weird and creepy.

Can anyone guess what all those icons are on his computer screen? The six icons towards the middle of the screen are: "Shortcut to Minesweeper", "Shortcut to Shortcut to Minesweeper", "Miss_Beaz_Hit_By_Truk.jpg", "Shortcut to Miss_Beaz_Hit_By_Truk.jpg", "Nekkid_Condi.wmv", and "Bomb_Iran.exe".