John McCain

The Real Question About McCain

Why does Senator McCain have a thing for women without eye pupils?

Hair: blonde. Eye color: white?

Here's my serious take: this scandal conveniently rallies the far-right conservative wing to Senator McCain's defense and the last puzzle piece falls into place for the Republicans in the general election.

I think it's an "almost crime" (hence the Broken Social Scene song appearing as today's Morning Awesome). It plays to the hypocrisy of the Republicans which we were already aware of. But unlike the scandals of the Bush administration, it doesn't really have a hardcore crime attached to it. That we know of.

So it helps the GOP secure the wayward dittoheads. Plus it will be seen as a draw among wingnuts in the Middle West who will likely weigh in like so: "maybe he had an affair with a lobbyist, but it's the liberal New York Times saying it, so... vote for the Republican candidate anyway."

I can't believe I'm saying this but... this helps John McCain.