George W. Bush

The right-wing playbook is showing

Fox News and the right-wing have a fairly simple fill-in-the-blank strategic playbook and it's beginning to ooze to the surface. Watch for this in the coming days:

Blame will be deflected from George Bush's criminal lack of response and the Republican budget cuts which weakened the response and the levees. Blame will land squarely in the laps of Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Blanco -- both Democrats.

The looters will become the new terrorists. Already tonight, O'Reilly called for the looters to be hunted down. Bush has asked for a zero-tolerance policy despite many of the looters simply being starving human beings looking for food and water.

There are terrorists and looters and people to blame... Sadly, most of them flew back to Washington this evening. His bedtime is in less than an hour.