End of America

The Shape of Things is Whack

Posted by JumpyPants


Investors agonizing over a faltering economy sent the stock market plunging all over again Wednesday after two disheartening reports convinced Wall Street that a recession, if not already here, is inevitable. The market's despair _ fed by a stream of disheartening economic data _ propelled the Dow Jones industrials down 733 points to their second-largest point loss ever, and the major indexes all lost at least 7 percent.

The time is out of joint. Our economy is bleeding multiple gunshot wounds to the face, administered chiefly by that great old face-shooter, Dick (his name is "Dick"!) Cheney and his deregulation minions including, yes, Senator John McShithead.

But what would Senator McEighthouses have us all talking about? Bill Ayers! What would Senator McRichwife's VP nominee have us talking about? Terrorism that's 40 years old! FORTY YEARS OLD!

These people are absolutely, utterly horrible.

After Obama is elected with a filibuster-proof majority in both houses, let's turn our attention to making sure McScrewyou and his VP never hold elective office again.