Senator Barack Obama

The Speech This Morning

I can't believe that this Reverend Wright issue is still a thing. See, because when the evangelicals who elected George W. Bush said crazy shit like "gays and abortionists" caused 9/11, the president never had to climb onto the cable and apologize. Also, didn't Ron Paul almost entirely run on the position that America's foreign policy caused 9/11? Did anyone notice the loony shit Mike Huckabee said? And then, of course, there's Pastor Hagee -- Senator McCain's religious surrogate -- who believes that Katrina was all about God punishing New Orleans.

So, naturally, I don't think this would be a thing if Reverend Wright wasn't an "uppity" black pastor who scares the piss out of suburban white people. Suburban white people prefer their pastors to be more sedate, partly drunk, a little bit touchy with the kids, and quietly aggressive.

Contrary to the funeral dirge on the cable, Senator Obama will recover from this and will continue forward to defeat Senator McCain in November.

UPDATE: Greenwald gets into it here.