White House

The Walrus and the Wurm

More from the indictment (hat tip to Josh Marshall):

On or about May 29, 2003, in the White House, LIBBY asked an Under Secretary of State (“Under Secretary”) for information concerning the unnamed ambassador’s travel to Niger to investigate claims about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium yellowcake. The Under Secretary thereafter directed the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research to prepare a report concerning the ambassador and his trip. The Under Secretary provided LIBBY with interim oral reports in late May and early June 2003, and advised LIBBY that Wilson was the former ambassador who took the trip.

The Under Secretary? I'm thinking it's a certain horribly-moustachioed current Ambassador to the UN, Mr. John Bolton. And the bagman who provided the interim oral reports, David Wurmser, whom Fitzgerald reportedly flipped. Memo to Cheney: when relying on a guy named Wurmser, think twice.