Epic Fail

There Will Be No More Teleprompters…

...in the Bachmann Administration, but there will be plenty of iPads.

At a campaign stop in Creston, Iowa Wednesday, the candidate read her campaign speech directly from an iPad tablet computer.

“I have a statement I would like to read before I open up and take a few of your questions,” the candidate told the crowd, only pausing from her prepared remarks to yell “Good morning!” at a passing train.

The Minnesota Republican slid her finger across the iPad screen as she opined for over five minutes about a recent attack ad by GOP hopeful Rick Perry, President Barack Obama’s signature health care legislation, and the dangers of North Korea and Iran.

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for an anti-teleprompter crusader to come along and explain to me the difference between reading a speech from a teleprompter and reading a speech from an iPad.

Of course there are so many more terrible things about Michele Bachmann's politics other than optics-gaffes, but the fact remains the existence of teleprompters, and President Obama's employment of them, has been an ongoing monkey in the wrench for the Right Wing over the last 3 years. And no one has been more outspoken about teleprompters than Michele Bachmann.

The idea is that President Obama is some weak, barely literate DC politician who wouldn't know what to say if George Soros wasn't transcribing his speeches for him from some bunker in socialist Europe, but the truth is every president and every single pundit on TV, including the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, have used teleprompters from the time they were invented. Yes, even Saint Reagan did.

President Bachmann (lol) would be no different.

(via RawStory)