LGBT Open Thread Russia Worst Persons

They Drew First


Artist – Rob Tornoe

In other news, today’s Worst Persons in the World have been identified.

Two homeless men, a woman and her three children who lived under a bridge were gifted a night’s stay in a five star hotel room for Christmas and Hotel du Pont of Wilmington, Delaware canceled their prepaid room after finding out they were homeless.

However, on Christmas morning, as the guests planned their getaway, Senge received a call from the hotel informing him that the reservation had been cancelled.

According to Senge, the staffer told him, “What if one of those people rapes or robs one of my guests?”

Other nearby hotels have responded by offering rooms to the homeless.

Meanwhile, Russia has added transgender people to the list, alongside compulsive gamblers and thieves, of people who are not allowed to obtain a driver’s license.

It’s Team Snowden’s land of liberty.