Election 2012

They Really Don’t Like Mitt Romney

Die-hard social conservatives are having a tough time picking their favorite candidate out of the Republican Presidential Field of Awfulness, and while each candidate has his or her own issues, what they can all agree on is that they really don't like Mitt Romney.

It’s no secret that social conservatives are not thrilled about the prospect of Mitt Romney winning the Republican presidential nomination, but what is a secret is the meeting key leaders of the movement in Iowa held this week to prevent that prospect from becoming a reality. Representatives for leading social conservative groups met covertly in Iowa Monday with the hope of choosing an alternative candidate that social conservatives could unite behind [...]

In their search for an alternative, attendees at the Iowa meeting disqualified Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) because of his libertarian leanings on social issues, and also dimissed Herman Cain because of a “lack of consistency on issues of sanctity of life and marriage” and “some concern he’s maybe not quite experienced enough in civics.”

No Ron Paul. No Herman Cain. No Mitt Romney. Gingrich is unlikely because of his laundry list of ethical issues.

Who does that leave? It leaves Rick Perry.

According to CNN, the attendees at this secret meeting of Viva la Resistance included, but were not limited to, the "Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, The Family Leader, the group Iowa Right to Life, and a representative for the Iowa chapter of Concerned Women for America."

That sounds like Rick Perry's people. And while Perry's poll numbers may be in the gutter right now, the current front-runner status of Newt Gingrich tells us anything is possible.

A clash between Libertarian ideals and social conservatism in the Republican party has created an environment where no single candidate can please the entire Right Wing, but Rick Perry may be able to fill that mold through shear faux-cowboy bravado.

If Mitt Romney does go on to become the nominee, it may be a sign that social conservatism is either dead or dying.

via ThinkProgress