They Don't Get It

Not only does Chris Matthews believe that the public option is a far-left idea, but he also believes that, despite the polls showing overwhelming support, congressional liberals are out of touch with what the American people want.

MATTHEWS: OK, let me ask you this. What percentage, do you think, of Democrats in this country are liberals and what percent are moderates?

WEINER: I have no idea. I think...

MATTHEWS: Do you think most are liberals.

WEINER: I have to say...

MATTHEWS: Do you think most are liberals?

WEINER: No, here's what I think. I think when it comes to health care, the moderate position is choice and competition. I don't believe the public option is the liberal position. The liberal position is what I have, single payer for all Americans. This is the compromise position.

Like the wingnut right, no amount of polling or empirical fact can break through the establishment media's groupthink. Once these guys set off with a narrative, they stick with it.