They Pay This Guy How Much?

Mark Penn in today's conference call, by way of Sam Stein:

Disagreements between the two camps extended well beyond delegate math. Putting an optimistic take on a larger-than-expected Wisconsin loss, Clinton's chief strategist Mark Penn once again stressed that Obama had yet to win states that would portend a strong general election run.

"It would be hard to imagine a nominee from this party who didn't win New York, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania," said Penn.

Okay let me explain how stupid this is -- again.

First, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio haven't voted yet and thusly Senator Obama couldn't have lost those states unless there's a Mark Penn Sweaty Fat Guy Time-Space Flux Capacitor I'm unaware of.

Second, Senator Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan.

Third, what if Senator Clinton ends up losing in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania? So... Mark Penn wouldn't be able to imagine her as the nominee then? Atta boy. That's thinking ahead!

And most importantly... Not beating Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton in those states means nothing about how Senator Obama will perform against a Republican. Meanwhile, does he honestly believe Senator Clinton will beat Senator McCain in Texas just because she might defeat Senator Obama there?

They're paying him $4.3 million for this nonsense, and I feel really bad for Senator Clinton. I seriously do. It's obvious that Mark Penn has hurt her campaign far more than he's helped.