Election 2016

Trump and Others Mock Jeb Bush and Eric Cantor

Written by SK Ashby

Former Governor Jeb Bush received the endorsement of former Majority Leader Eric Cantor last night. The endorsement was enough to make me laugh, but apparently Donald Trump had a little fun with it, too.

Trump was hardly alone in mocking the endorsement. A number of wingnut bloggers and reporters also mocked Bush and Cantor for the arrangement that, if anything, will hurt Jeb Bush among the voters he needs to attract.

Eric Cantor is not known for his sterling leadership. Whereas you or I may remember Eric Cantor as an obstructionist who occasionally prevented Speaker Boehner from striking deals with the president and even his own caucus, conservative voters remember him as a failure who waffled and capitulated.

Cantor lost his primary battle with a libertarian who believes in conspiracy theories about Benghazi, ISIS, and the coming U.N. takeover. I suppose his belief in those things hardly makes David Brat unique.